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An admixture is an industrial fabrication product incorporated into concrete (or mortar) at the time of mixing. Its function ? To modify the properties of concrete when it is still fluid (accelerating or retarding the hardening, superplasticising to improve workability, etc.) or in cured state (air entrainment, inhibiting corrosion, etc.). 


Are you looking for a specialist in the certification of admixtures ? Call the BE-CERT Certification Service! We are at you service for :

  • CE2+ attestation (references EN 934-2 admixtures for concrete, EN 934-3 (admixtures for mortars) and EN 934-4 (grout for prestressing tendons), TRA CE 510);
  • the voluntary BENOR certification (references NBN 934-2 (admixtures for concrete) and PTV 501 (curing compounds), TRA 500, TRA 501)

Consult the the different CE certification rules and BENOR certification rules, the lists with the CE attestation holders,  the BENOR licence holders as well as the list of the subcontracting laboratories



Every certification process requires monitoring of the quality system and production control, or regular production monitoring for the highest certification levels, such as CE1+ and BENOR. Do you need an expert in the area ? Just call the BE-CERT Audit service


Would you like control checks to ensure the accuracy of your equipment used in the production of admixtures? Just call the BE-CERT Metrology Department !

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04/03/2021 | The registrations for the Interlaboratory Comparison - CEMENT, edition 2021-2022, are open!

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26/03/2020 | Communication COVID19

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25/11/2019 | Extension of the scope of accreditation

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07/06/2018 | BE-CERT issues the first CE certificate for ground granulated blast furnace slag according to EN 15167-1!

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