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The main goal of this department ? We provide laboratories in the construction and industrial sector with metrological assistance for the improved management of their equipment. Upon request, BE-CERT performs punctual or periodical checks for the verification or calibration of equipment.

We verify and calibrate strength machines, scales, humidity and temperature conditions and check different fittings and dimensions.

Thanks to the intervention of our experienced technicians, you will obtain a report informing you about the measurement accuracy and precision of your equipment. Our rapid and efficient intervention on site, in Belgium or abroad, or in our laboratory allows us to minimise the time your equipment is out of action.

Call the metrology department and benefit from:


According to our 510-CAL certificate:

- Calibration of compression strength machines on site in a measuring range of 0,1 kN to 10 MN:

- NBN X 07-001

- ISO 7500-1 with conformity declaration limited to the force according to:

- NBN EN 12390-4:2019

- NBN EN 196-1

- NBN EN 1015-11

- NBN EN 413-1

- NBN EN 12390-4:2000, Annex B

- Calibration of scales on site in a measuring range of 1mg to 160kg 

- Calibration of sieves on site and in house:

- ISO 3310-1 from 63µm to 125 mm

- ISO 3310-2 from 1 mm to 125mm

- EN 933-3 from 2,5 mm to 50mm

- In house calibration of dynamometric rings for plate testing:


- 200 cm²

- 750 cm²

- Westergaard plate

- French plate

According to our 510-TEST certificate:

- Verification of dry-ovens in a measuring range of  0°C to 200 °C according to EN 932-5 & FQ X 15-140

- Verification and characterization of drying ovens on the basis of 9 point measurements in the ovens over a period of time


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